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Thread: Digging my 2x12

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    Digging my 2x12

    About two weeks ago, we played a show at this smaller place with low ceilings. The bar is maybe 6 feet in front of the stage. I of course was rocking my 50 watt half stack with 4x12 and having a hard time hearing myself, so I turned up louder than usual. Our bass player has her 300 watt SVT running into an 8x10. We're not a quiet band. Some people were plugging their ears. Other people just went outside. The owner of the club said, I love you guys! But you're a little loud.

    We decided to make some changes. I broke out my open back 2x12 cabinet. The speakers are basically the same as my 4x12 - one G12H30 70th and a Vintage 30, there are just one fewer each. I have the volume set significantly lower on my amp (10 o'clock instead of 1 o'clock) but can hear myself well at practice. The bass player turned down and our drummer is trying not to hit so hard. We can hear the vocals more clearly in practice and the kick drum isn't getting lost like it was.

    This weekend we played the same club again and no ears were plugged, the bar stayed packed and we had a great show. I could hear myself very well along with the rest of the band.

    This is strange for me, I have tried to switch from 4x12s to 2x12s before. In 2008 I sold my longtime beat-up but fantastic sounding Marshall cab from 1987 in favor of a 2x12 and played only ONE show before I bought another 4x12.
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    Sounds like its a win all around for everyone.
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    It's good to have different cab choices for various venues.
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    Glad to hear you are digging the smaller rig. It makes load-in so much easier!

    I've done the same thing...except I went from a 2x12 to a 1x12! Most places we play are small to medium sized clubs, and the guitars are going through the PA. With even a 30 watt amp, I was always too loud. Now, I've got a couple different 1x12 combos and head/cab setups and just take what the gig needs. I always have the cab (or combo) on a stand and set so I can hear myself well. I don't feel like I'm beaming anyone and the band mates get what they want in their monitor feeds. I get to crank the amp more than I used to, too. I don't even own a 2x12 right now (though I'm planning on building a hardwood stereo half open/half closed 2x12 cab this summer).

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    Huge +1 to sizing the cab to the venue. As much as I like a good 4x12, it was always bigger than my vehicles could carry and louder than our audiences could handle (except the outdoor gigs). My solution was to have a pair of vertical 2x12s where I could mix-n-match as needed. But after discovering the PRS pine 2x12, I set out to find a tonally equal 1x12 version. That search finally came to an end 2 months ago (and only took a year ) and have started practicing only on the 1x12. Now I don't have to sacrifice my amp's sweet spot just to get volume under control.
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