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Thread: Eventide H9 Harmonizer Demo

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    Eventide H9 Harmonizer Demo

    I posted some vids of this unit last year, here is a fresh one from Chappers.
    What a cool sounding pedal.
    Control it with your Mac, IOS device, or a PC.
    It is a shame there is no Android app for it.

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    I have this pedal and it is definitely very sweet. Most effects are very high quality. I use it mainly in the loop for delays and pitch stuff. When you compare it to separately buying the 3 pedals it represents, it's a great value.
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    I have two of the Eventide pedals it can replicate, and they're my favorite pedals. The only slight drawback is that like them, the H9 only does one effect at a time. So I'd need two of them.

    Not that that's a bad thing...
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