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Thread: Notifications for Subscribed Threads

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    Notifications for Subscribed Threads

    Is there a setting where I can get a 'Notification' (ie: a number at the top right of the page under 'notifications'), when someone replies to a thread that I'm 'Subscribed' to?

    I already have it set up so that I subscribe to any thread that I post in. However, I'd like to know when someone else replies to it, and there's no way for me to know unless I manually go to each thread and check - it's inconvenient.

    Any ideas?
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    When I subscribe to a thread I select instant notification by email. I get an email on my phone whenever antibody posts in that subscribed thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRod4928 View Post
    Any ideas?
    Save this URL as a shortcut or a favorite in your browser:

    Also, you gan go to Settings > General Settings > Messaging & Notification > Default Thread Subscription Mode > and then select [Instantly, Using Email] from the drop-down menu. After that, you'll get an email when someone replies to a thread (assuming you've subscribed to it already).
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