Hi Folks

I'm new to the PRS world and of course this forum. After 28 or so years of playing I've finally gotten my hands on a Custom 24 - pattern regular ... Wow what a great instrument. I believe the hype - it just feels "right". I've had/have a lot of great guitars but this one just feels like a "grown up" instrument. Luv it...

One of my questions (I'll start another thread for the other topic) is... I like to occasionally detune the E (to D) or the A (to G) while playing... Of course the problem here is with a floating bridge (and I'd like to keep it floating) tuning problems arise. With my Floyd based guitars I use two D-Tuna's (one acts as a G-Tuna). And on a strat I'm using a Tremol-no (http://www.tremol-no.com/) and that works great!

1) I'm wondering if anyone's used one on their PRS and if so how has it worked out?

2) Where can I go to get a custom backplate for the trem cavity that would have a space cut out for the Tremol-no?