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To my mind, these accusations are unfounded and a bit obnoxious.

PRS clearly had no motivation whatsoever to mislead a soul.
Les....and you know this, how?? When was the last time you had dinner with Paul and discussed his marketing strategy and the intentions behind his representations?
When was the last time those accusing PRS of fleecing them talked directly to him about this (other than on a public forum)?

I have no need to have dinner with Paul to realize this, and frankly, Paul would never invite me to dinner anyway. He doesn't know me from Adam. PRS had no motivation to mislead anyone because they don't have to in order to sell fancy guitars; people get excited about what they label "private stock" etc.

The people on this thread might have chosen a less loaded word; how about "I think PRS made a mistake." And they might have shown PRS a little respect and raised the issue privately with customer service in the first place instead of trying to embarrass and pressure PRS publicly.

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Les...are you positioning yourself to be the next legal council for PRS?? :lol:
Bennett, you know otherwise.

I can't turn this into a lynching; as you can see I'm the only one in the lynch mob!

I think the shoe is on the other foot. This thread wasn't started to have a discussion about wood types. Words like "misled" and "cheated" get thrown around for a purpose: to publicly pressure and get something out of PRS.

"Oh, we didn't mean intentionally cheated. We just mean...cheated." How nice of you.

And the joke, to me, is that pretty much to a person, these folks say, "Yes the guitar is fantastic." Gee, they got totally screwed by buying a fantastic guitar! How terrible!

You say that you're allowed to discuss this and express opinions; well, so am I. You accuse me of being judgmental -- yes, of course I am! All day, every day!

So Bennett, do you have your tin foil conspiracy hat on, and what are you going to demand from PRS for having been duped into buying your excellent guitar?

Get out the torches and pitchforks, we're going to storm the castle!!! Wooo!