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All I know is that I purchased one of these (my first of 2) when they hit the retailers. I looked through the case candy as I was trying it out, and the term "sinker" was used on the certificate. I asked the sales guy what that meant, and he clearly stated that it wasn't reclaimed wood from underwater, but was just a marketing term used to convey the fact that it was dense. This, well before any of this controversy. It didn't mean much to me personally since I'd never heard of "sinker" wood, and didn't know that it had any meaning in the luthier business. Point is that if the sales guy knew what it was, and was telling customers what it was, it doesn't seem likely that there was some sort of master plan to dupe the public. Educated retailers knew enough to accurately describe the product, so they at least must have been told what it was.
There's your answer.