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Thread: Which Strings - Signature Limited (10's)... Does it matter?

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    Which Strings - Signature Limited (10's)... Does it matter?

    The subject line says it all. I need to replace the 10's on my Siggy. I have some D'Addario I can use. I started looking at Elixirs and other brands. I am not an audiophile... Will I notice a difference?
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    I switched from D'Addario XL to the EB Cobalts. The only problem with switching is that I love them and cannot find them in anywhere now. Hopefully, EB can figure out how to make them faster.
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    I really like the strings that PRS sells.

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    Quote Originally Posted by george johnson View Post
    I really like the strings that PRS sells.
    that are d'addarios as far i know
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    When i was young i bought Kramer 5150 strings by Ernie Ball.I thought that would be the shortcut to the magical sound of Eddie Van Halen.Later on i had friends putting on 13s on their guitar because SVR did so.They only did end up sounding the same without being able to bend the strings.A friend of mine use Elixirs and i actually found those feeling a bit stiffer.Use the Daddarios you have.I buy them cheap in 10 packs.You will notice a difference.New strings sound brighter.
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    I put .11's on my Siggy and enjoyed the increased power in chords but just went back to nickel .10's. It was a hair too stiff.
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