I'm saving for my first PRS. Something I have longed for almost 20 years now. I'm not rich, and after suffering some health issues since 2007 - present, well, I'll skip the story, but this is not a purchase I can repeat again any time soon for multiple reasons. So, I don't want to make the wrong choice. But, I can't leave the house much these days, and playing guitar is something I can do to keep myself from going insane lol. It just makes me happy to play.

I only recently got back into playing guitars. 37 yrs old., started playing when I was 11. So my main music is from the 80's to now. I have small'ish hands. It'll be rock, blues, pop type music. Sadly, I can't try before I buy. Even if I could travel, the nearest PRS shop is quite far away and would require a plane trip. So this is why I am having issues picking one. I have to rely on reviews online, youtube video's etc. Of course the problem with this is that people recommend only what they have. I am thinking this place probably has owners who own both. Some of you guys seem to have a LOT of guitars...I'm jealous! The other problem is that it seems that the new Custom 24 is wearing new pickups, so info online is limited. Just how different are the new pickups compared to 2010/2011 models? anyone got any vids of either guitar?

I have experience with Ibanez, Ovation Elites,Tele/strat and Les Paul necks. I'm thinking of going Pattern reg or thin, and of course the DGT neck. Any insight on this?

Of course, I want something nice too look at too. 10 top, birds, red'ish orange'ish colors ie black gold, violin burst etc. Binding around top. Prefer quilt, but flames are nice too. I really wish they didn't use uncovered pups in the new CU24, I think the new ones are..ugly. Little thing, but just my 2 cents. It wouldn't stop me from buying one put it that way. Sound, playability is more important. This Git will obviously not be gig'd.

So which one suits what type of music better? Which one is more versatile ie more different tones.