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Thread: Your fav PRS artist

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    Quote Originally Posted by markie View Post
    Todd Aure!
    " I love you mannnnnn!"
    PRS Guitars Endorsee....White and Relic'd Ones !

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    -Adam Dutkiewicz (I don't remember if Joel Stroetzel uses only Caparison at this point, I know he also used a PRS back in Killswitch's old days before Alive or Just Breathing)
    -Paul Waggoner/Dustie Waring
    -Emil Werstler
    -Mikael Akerfeldt
    -Al di Meola
    -Carlos Santana
    -Mark Tremonti
    -Not sure if Phil Sgrosso from As I Lay Dying still uses PRS guitars, but I liked their last 2 albums.
    -John Kempainen back when he was in Black Dahlia Murder (I don't know what he's doing now since he left years ago)

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