Like many folks, I've lusted after the jewel like qualities of PRS guitars. Even my wife (decidedly non-guitar oriented) loves the look of the tops. Alas, I'd never found one that seemed to fit right. I'm a lifelong Gibson guy and there was just something about the ergonomics that was off for me. Nothing I could put my finger on really.

A year or so ago I had occasion to play a McCarty and it really changed things for me. It was perfect. I've been on a low intensity hunt for the right one since.

Last week I had one more or less fall in to my lap. A 2009 Korina Soapbar with a Brazialian board, Abalone Birds, Zhangbucker P90s, and an upgraded PRS adjustable compensating bridge. It's nearly weightless, sounds great, and is a joy to play. Love the wide/fat neck carve, although being used to Historic Les Pauls it's one of the thinner necks in my stable. All indications are I'm the fourth owner, and I can't understand why someone would let this guitar go.

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