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    Kid Charlemagne

    We've picked five incredible Steely Dan songs and tried to capture the grooves, chord structures, instrumentation & the creative genius in the writing and playing. Please welcome our friends Tom, Jim, Kenny, Dan, Tyler, Kevin, Jessica, Liz and Amanda to the Lab! Thanks for listening - LLB
    Check us out at & follow us on twitter @lex_lab_band.

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    Man, that's a hard one to pull off. Easily my favorite Steely Dan song.
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    really appreciate you checking this out!


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    Wow, you did a great job with this tune!
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    we greatly appreciate you giving your time to listen!

    all the best,

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    Sound great!
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    thanks for giving this your time!

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    Smokin'! One of my absolute favorite guitar solos. It's cool seeing you guys more or less recreate the original studio versions. I'm usually a little disappointed when I see actual Steely Dan live stuff because it's different and the studio versions are just so perfect.

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    greatly appreciate you sharing your time to check this out and thanks for the post! I'm with you on SD live - people have their own opinions, but i wish they'd stay true to the studio tracks as well.

    hope all is good your way,

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    Hadn't listened to this in a while. SWEET! Check out Black Friday too and many others on their website. Thanks guys and girls.

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    thanks so much for giving this another look! SD has been an influence on many of us i know - KC is an all-time fave for me and shows the amazing gifts of Mr Carlton!


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    Wow! I just found this thread - you guys really went all out and nailed these SD tunes. Awesome job - thanks for the entertainment!!!!


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    hello Tom...sincere thanks for giving your time to check out the vid and for the very kind post!


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