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    You want it at the beginning of your signal chain.

    Quote Originally Posted by CoreyT View Post
    No answer on where it should go on the pedal board, or it doe snot matter?

    My Line 6 G50 came yesterday, what a hunk!
    Nice metal housings for with the receiver and transmitter, not plastic like the cheaper Audio Technica one I bought a few years back.

    Have not tried it yet, but maybe tonight of by the weekend.
    Also it fits the pouch, but the pouch could be designed better so you have easier access to the on/off control.

    But yes, this G50 is built like a tank.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CoreyT View Post
    He he he...
    I have done that exact same thing before, but I usually catch it.
    What about buck snot
    Hmmm... Not as delicate as doe snot. More body and aroma. Too overpowering for delicate avocados and crab, but well suited to red onions and beef.

    Pick some up today to go with your ramps and Rocky Mountain Oysters!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nosidamde View Post
    Line 6 G50 owner here. I'll never go back to cables.
    G30 here, also never going back!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PRS believer.

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