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Thread: Another NGD Zach Myers Post

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    Another NGD Zach Myers Post

    Hey everyone, longtime lurker. Decided I would join when I finally got a PRS. I purchased a new zach myers prs today from an online dealer that had one left in stock. I honestly could not believe it since I've had one backs?ordered since March. I cannot wait for it to come in this Saturday and will post pictures as soon as I get it. In the meantime I found a video online of Zach Myers actually playing the guitar live in concert. I'll post the link below. You can clearly see him playing it around the 2:00 minute mark. Pretty cool but I doubt it's a Korean made SE, but that's open to debate. Again I look forward to talking with everyone about this beautiful guitar.

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    I just received mine too. It is completely amazing. Hope you enjoy yours as well. Best wishes.
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    Pretty sure the guitar Zach is playing in that vid will be Korean built. May or may not have the exact same specs as the ones that hit the stores but it'll be Korean made.
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    Best of luck...looking forward to pics and an awesomeness report!
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