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Thread: Crackwood Neck Availability on Cu24 and 408MT?

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    Crackwood Neck Availability on Cu24 and 408MT?

    Hey guys,
    I've been off the grid for a while, I had a question, wasn't sure if it was covered elsewhere - I'm noticing that for the CU24 and the 408MT that there's no option to get the Rosewood neck as there's been in the past. It looks like the only way to get the Indian Rosewood Neck is to go the Artist route (not altogether a bad thing). I just wanted to be clear on my options, weighing whether to purchase a 2013 408MT w/ IRW PT Neck with its reduced cost or just pull the trigger on a new one and go the Artist route and call it a day.
    PS - I miss not having Faded Grey Black! Obsidian is kind of green, and Faded Whale Blue is kind of blue, and I'm not a fan of bursts, so no Charcoal Burst, lol...
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    I have a 408MT with a Brazilian neck, so that was definitely available...
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