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Thread: Looking for some new, good, non-mainstream music!!!

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    Looking for some new, good, non-mainstream music!!!

    Hey Everyone!

    I'm looking for some good, non-mainstream music. I've reached that point where I feel like I've been listening to the same thing forever and I feel like I'm missing out. Any suggestions? I like stuff like Switchfoot, Johnny Lang, Israel Houghton Jimmy Eat World, some Taylor Swift... Alternative rock and stuff like that and I also like some nice acoustic / piano music. I'm looking for stuff thats fun to listen to and fun to play. I would prefer the suggestions to be clean (no content involving cussing, sex or drugs).


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    Check out the album from Black Light Burns 'Cruel Melody.'
    New Years Day 'The Mechanical Heart' and 'Victim to Villain'
    The Pretty Reckless 'Light Me Up''s a really great album, but a few songs are kind of lyrically screwed up considering the singers age...
    But yea, these are some of the best new, 'non-mainstream albums I would recommend.
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    Check out my band's new album... it just came out friday. Available on itunes or any other major digital market, search for "Adora de Phonic" by Revery on your site of choice. Good old fashioned rock and roll, without being stale or formulaic. Judging by your listed preferences, I think you'd dig it... Let me know if you do!

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    Circa Survive or Anthony Green, City and Colour, Arctic Monkeys, Kongas, Bastille---Bad Blood, Band of Horses, Civil Twilight, The Mars Volta, Alberta Cross (My newest Fav Band), Young the Giant, The Joy Formidable, The XX, Alt-J, Adelitas Way, Bombay Bicycle Club. Let me know if you like any of these, I can then get a bit more granular.

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    Like the Pretty Reckless, heard them last night on my commute, catchy. Like the song Rude, by Magic!? It kinda grew on me.

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    Chvrches: The Mother We Share

    Alt J: Tesselate

    Broken Bells: Holding On For Life

    Dessa: Dixon's Girl
    One Life

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    I just posted this elsewhere...

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