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Thread: Who is your favorite PRS Artist?

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    Alex Lifeson is the only one I currently find remotely interesting... still waiting on that signature CE24...
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    PAT TRAVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PRS believer.

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    Just one?

    Mark Tremonti
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    Me. I'm not that all that good of a player, but I've reached the age and level that I don't care about what my favorite artists play. I play what I like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by solacematt View Post
    Nice list!
    Thanks! I have to admit, I forgot about Mike until I read your post. I miss old school Incubus... (First 3 albums)
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    Quote Originally Posted by nosidamde View Post
    Thanks! I have to admit, I forgot about Mike until I read your post. I miss old school Incubus... (First 3 albums)
    Yes, those were definitely the bands best work. Seems like as soon as he stopped using a PRS through Mesa the bands material kind of went downhill I got so excited when I saw the video from the first single of the last album - using a PRS through Mesa
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    Davy Knowles
    Dave Grissom
    and recently discovered Simon Mcbride

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    Mark Tremonti
    Pete Loefflere
    Clint Lowery
    Anthony Armstrong
    Mike Einziger
    Al di Meola

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