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Thread: PRS SE245 Pickups in SE Tremonti Custom - Impressed!

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    Talking PRS SE245 Pickups in SE Tremonti Custom - Impressed!

    Hi all!

    I've been a long-time PRS user and along the years I've had many of the USA made models, including a 1993 pre-factory CE24, various Singlecuts, Cu22, Cu24 and both Tremonti models. As for SE models, I've gone through the Tremonti I, Paul Allender, Aekerfelt, Mushok & maybe others that I cannot recall right now.

    Anyway, back to the point. Every time I've got a Singlecut, I've gone for the Tremonti pickup set. And every time I've gone the SE route, I've upgraded them to locking tuners, adjustable bridge, and ALWAYS a new pickup set because I was never keen on the stock pickups. I've always gone for Tremonti or 7 pickups.

    Today, I've managed to get my hands on a 2nd hand non-modified PRS SE Tremonti Custom in grey-black flame with stock pickups, stock bridge, stock everything. Put a new set of strings on it, adjusted it in Eb, plugged into my 2i4 interface and started testing my amp sims (ReValver, Guitar Rig, BIAS & Amplitube).

    HOLY CRAP! The tone on this thing! Cleans on the neck pickup are BEAUTIFUL! And I'm even impressed with the bridge pickup, it has some bite to it and sounds wonderful for hard-rock tones! Is this normal for the SE245 pickups? Am I mad? Is any of this thanks to the extra weight that the body has? I have a luthier made Singlecut Trem style guitar with Tremonti pickups but even that one isn't as clear as the SE is (and I don't think it's just the difference of having a new set of strings in the SE, or could it be that?)

    Has anyone else kept the stock pickups in? I was all set to get a set of Seymour Duncan 59 & Custom for it but now I'm shocked and don't know what to do I've been so used to hating the old SE pickups that I'd never given the new ones a chance!

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    No need to do anything but play those great sounding pickups. My stock SE245 pickups are fantastic sounding also. ENJOY!!!

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    I have the exact same guitar as you my friend and here's what I did:
    1. Put a Tremol-no to hardtail it, I'm not much of a bar guy and the damn thing wouldn't stay in tune!
    2. Replace All Pots with CTS 550k volumes and 500k push-pull tones.
    3. Replace dodgy input jack, Switchcraft of course!
    4. Replace PU selector (To be honest, it was necessary as it sheared in half after a bandmate put an amp on top of the case in a car boot)
    5. Got a new TUSQ nut made for 11-50
    6. Replaced tuners with Planet Waves/Steinberger Locking tuners
    7. Changed Pickups for SD Custom and '59


    Now this guitar is on par with some of my USA models, it freaking rules, it's my workhorse and (clearly) my mod-machine!
    Now It's shouting at me for an Ebony board with DGT Frets and a USA Trem
    How are the PTC these days?!

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    I have a heavily modded Tremonti Custom SE. Put phase 2 locking tuners on it, MannMade NOS 2000 one piece bridge,PRS pots and knobs and a Tremonti bridge pup. and sent it to the PTC and had DGT frets put on and a new nut. Thing is right there with my 2 usa Tremontis. Anyway, I still have the SE neck pickup in it and like it! I had a SE245 and sold it , but I noticed that the se245 pups that came in the TremontiCustomSE seemed to be better than the se245 pups that came in the SE245...I think so anyway
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    Thanks guys! Looks like I'll be buying quite a few of those upgrades next month

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