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Thread: new versus 2012 santana se

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    new versus 2012 santana se

    Played a new Santana se in store - was great, ready to buy it, but saw one locally used from 2012 which has that great blue color I like. What are the differences with a 2012 and new 2014 models - I see that natural back in not on his 2012, so I know there was some updates recently. Can anyone let me know the differences. The one I can buy used is

    I am better off paying more and losing the blue for the new one.

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    The blue guitar in the craigslist ad is not an SE Santana, it's an SE Custom. The new Santana will get you several different things, shorter scale length, different pickups and a different body shape.
    If you liked the feel and sound of the new one, get it... As these are completely different guitars.

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