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Thread: My 1st PRS!!!

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    My 1st PRS!!!

    I finally found some of the photos! They're blurry - but you get the idea.

    I bought this new in 1998 or 1999 from fellow member Russ. He was a PRS retailer at the time. It is a Semi-hollow CU22 with McCarty switching. Vintage Yellow, of course.

    Sure wish I had it back! Those were hard times and I was dirt poor after my divorce. I was only able to keep it a few months. I didn't even own an amp back then so I never heard it plugged in.

    Are there any other SH CU22's out there with McCarty switching?

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    I remember that guitar being really light, and easy to play...
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    What a unique and "pure" pleasure it must have been to own that instrument and only play it acoustically... Very cool Hans... Thanks for sharing!

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    I had an orange Cu22 SH with McCswitching.... I think it was a late 90s guitar, too. I cant find any pics, though. Very cool guitar.

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