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Thread: So, what's the word, are we gonna see singlecoil S2's?

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    So, what's the word, are we gonna see singlecoil S2's?

    Someone mentioned this before, and I could really see it happening. Maybe I've missed the more in-depth conversation on this topic (if there was one), but with the build type being what it was on the single coil models that were discontinued, I would think the S2 line could churn those bad boys out no problem. A buddy of mine played one of the core models recently and raved about it, and a lot of other people seem to like them too.

    So, what say ye? Will there be single coil S2's in the near future?
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    I would gladly pay you next Tuesday for an S2 NF3 today!
    ~ Matt

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    Son, the HX/DA is a man's amp. One channel, not two, 50 watts of red hot glass crankin' out a tone that's big's big.

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    I think we could have lots of stuff on the S2 line, like bolt on necks, single coils, 12 strings...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sekunda View Post
    I would gladly pay you next Tuesday for an S2 NF3 today!
    New old stock NF3 are available now for the price of an S2.

    If you are interested...
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    while we're at it, stoptail s2 cu22...

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    Single coils on EVERYTHING!


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    Singlecoil S2... Ferk yes!!!
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    IMHO, any humbucker guitar can be converted into a great single coil guitar... I get by with a little help from my Fralins. P-92s that is. Some of the greatest pickups ever made. It's a shame I don't have a guitar with them installed currently.
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    I sent a sound clip to a buddy of mine of my CU24 w/ 5909's showing off the diversity of my little Blackstar. He asked me what single coils I had in my Strat because it sounded very warm and chimey. Not too bad for some buckers but I would definitely rock an S2 with singles!

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    Well the NF3s, DC3s, SAS's, 513s, strat-style SE's, and other PRS guitars featuring single coil-ish pickups have not been great sellers, so I wouldn't hold my breath.

    Heck, I love my Studio with Narrowfields, but those are gone now too.

    But what I may like even better now is the sound of split narrow 408 pickups on the Pauls' Guitar...

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    S2 EGs all the way...with the pre-assembled pickguards coming in from Korea, multiple configurations would be relatively cost-effective, so SSS, HSS, HSH...I'm there...
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