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Thread: First post; report of severe PRS addiction... or SE to SC58 in two weeks

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    First post; report of severe PRS addiction... or SE to SC58 in two weeks


    I just want to say hello to everybody.

    I'm a mechanical engineer from Germany, relocated to the Washington DC area a year ago. Played e-guitar in different bands for 15+ years until 5 years ago my first child saw the light of this world.

    Now with two kids out of diapers I have some free time again and remembered the name PRS after I bought an acoustic guitar a few weeks ago to sing along with my kids. I learnd that the factory is just one hour from my house and I also lernt about the SE line.

    Ordered a SE245 in orange; very nice guitar (only the nut needed really a TUSQ update) I got severly addicted and started looking for a SC245/SC58.
    Long story short I found a brand new sleeper SC58 MJ2011 sunburst without a single scratch or dent. Had to buy it.

    What a beautiful instrument; what a difference in sustain even to the SE; what a built quality; those nice pickups with super tonal variety and clarity; this nice smell of the V12 finish and what an acoustic clean quality sound.
    Just playing some clean cords are producing shivers on my skin.

    The SE is great value for the money; but SC58 is just a piece of art.
    I cannot see myself selling this guitar again in my remaining livetime.

    I will keep both PRS and will use the SE245 for gigging at events where I don't have to care.

    Yesterday I looked a bit around what other USA PRS I would like...maybe a custom 24 with Floyd Rose to compare with my Japanese Ibanez RG ....
    ....this is getting nasty. How do I get rid of this addiction again?

    I have to say this strategy of luring people with the SE line into the PRS brand and making them addicted was working perfectly in my case; well done Mr. Smith... :-)

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    GAS can be a wonderful thing as long as the bank account can keep up . Welcome to the forum!
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    GAS is real, and its a condition that generally needs to be addressed every day. Managing this bitter/sweet condition can be quite challenging at times, especially when there's a(nother) sweet PRS "wiggling on the hook"!

    Many of here deal with this condition regularly. Possibly, a 12 Step program could be helpful, however, I'm not aware of any programs that deal specifically with GAS issues.

    Sounds like you are experiencing those familiar GAS pains .....welcome to the club!

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    The Love of PRSi causes EWS ( Empty Wallet Syndrome )
    But it is so much fun
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    The only cure is to buy more...but it's only temporary.

    I bought a custom 24 and a stripped 58 within 2 months of each other! GAS is a terrible affliction.

    But sure is fun!

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    Well said Marcel!
    -I'm no expert, but it seems to work and I haven't electrocuted myself yet. Which is pretty much the standard I live by.

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    I don't have GAS.

    Wait...what's that smell...
    I saw ten thousand talkers whose tongues were all broken...


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    Quote Originally Posted by zz_marcello View Post

    Ordered a SE245 in orange; very nice guitar (only the nut needed really a TUSQ update)

    Howcome the nut needed upgrading? Did you go to bigger strings that were binding or was it a cosmetic decision? Or, do you play only open strings and found that the tusq nut made open strings sound different?
    And are you or were you hearing a big difference on the quality of the tone between fretted notes/strings compared to open strings?
    On the open strings (which is where you might hear a different nut???) are you hearing any difference between the two nuts?

    I got a USA nut for free from a generous (other) forum member who had bought one but since PRS sells them in pairs, he gave me his extra one. I installed in on an SE. It too was going to need some slot widening so I just modified the stock SE nut and used it and gave the USA one to the next person who wanted it.

    Either way, WELCOME to the world of PRS GAS. It's a great place to be and....CONGRATS on the awesome new guitars. It's pretty hard to go back to anything else once you went PRS.

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    Thanks a lot for the warm welcome!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by blaren View Post
    Howcome the nut needed upgrading? (on the SE245)....
    The guitar was out of tune more or less after every song even with standard 009 strings.
    In opposite to the other parts of the SE guitar which are good- or high quality, my SE nut was not done very well; the slots where uneven and the material from my engineering perspective felt like not the best.
    The SC58 nut is flawless and also the TUSQ XL nut that I bought for the SE has this high quality and hard low friction material.
    SE245 stays in tune now without issues.

    I did not experience any substantial tonal difference with open chords.

    Have a nice day!
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    Welcome, Marcello. PRS addiction is real! I went from zero to six in less than 8 months. I have my eye on number seven....

    There is no cure!!!!
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