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Thread: DG30 and DG50 Amps and Cabs in stock GTRMAV...

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    DG30 and DG50 Amps and Cabs in stock GTRMAV...

    So, yes we have both a DG30 and a DG50 in stock at GTRMAV!
    After spending the Day with David, Doug Sewell and Jon Croft at the Dallas Amp show I really have no Doubt this is my favorite PRS Amp in the current lineup... Thats a personal Taste comment, and has a lot to do with the sound/tone that David brings to the room! But its super versatile, and the research and development to get these amps to this point was a 2-3 year journey with Doug, Paul, and David.

    Matching 2 x 12 Cabs for Both of them..

    Not your taste... we have a Custom 50w 2 Channel in a one off blonde new panel design, a couple of Archons (including Paisley) and an HXDA 30W.

    Also, we have INBOUND the last of the Ltd project 67/68 mod PRS Anniversary Amp that Nail that Plexi Sound..

    Let me know how to help and if you have any questions....please call or text! 512 422 2005
    Enjoy Fathers Day, (LIKE US!)
    Call or Text my cell 512 422 2005

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    Beautiful stuff, JD! What are the details on the 67/68 mods for the Anni?
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    My DG30 is one of the three most rewarding amps I've ever played through, the others being the HXDA and a Two-Rock Onyx. It's a superb amp to be keeping that kind of company.
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    I recently got a DG30 and couldn't be happier. Had a 2 Channel "H" for a while and it's a very good amp, but I am much happier with the DG30. Very curious to play the DG50... looks like a completely different beast

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