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Thread: Guitar Center parts ways with PRS

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    Les, Isn't the legal part of MAP that a retailer can't advertise below a specified price but they can still sell it for whatever price they want? Of course you may get cutoff by that supplier but I think that would be fine to someone trying to clear out some aging non-sellers.
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    MAP, or "minimum advertised price", is a common contract between manufacturers and dealers. As noted already, it means the dealer cannot advertise below a certain price, but actually can sell the product for whatever they want. There's also different types of contracts wherein the dealer purchases the product in full, versus a credit type system where the product is essentially "loaned" to the dealer and then billed for the product. That entails some type of interest charge.

    Mesa/Boogie had something called "Pro Net Pricing". That meant that any dealer had to sell their product at their price, and cannot budge even a penny. This is possibly what led to the demise of the GC/Mesa relationship. I have heard other rumors about what happened. One was that Boogie was pushing GC to a strict "no return" policy on their amplifiers. Another was that they felt GC was simply inadequate at sufficiently representing the Mesa brand. I hate to spread rumors, so I say these things with the disclaimer that they ARE ONLY RUMORS. I do not know for a fact what the actual problems were.

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    There are all kinds of brands GC is inadequate at advertising....
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    I'm in the"buy all the prs guitars you can afford" camp.

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    These threads are always amusing.
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    How about a little insight Ron…from the "horses mouth" so to speak… What's the inside word?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toothace View Post
    How about a little insight Ron…from the "horses mouth" so to speak… What's the inside word?
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    + 10,000... Come on Ron give us the skinny!

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    Came across this article about GC (pre-Ares buyout) that offers a different view than most of the write ups I've seen, many which are referencing a single source (Eric Garland) which is a yellow flag to me.
    It does go a little into unions, Bain, the debt and the other topics that often come up when talking about GC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LSchefman View Post
    Hey, that was prognosticating, not speculating.

    Ha! Then I stand corrected. (And I learned a new word for the day!) And people think you only learn about PRS guitars here.

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