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Thread: Marty Friedman: "Everybody's just trying to out-lame each other".

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    Marty Friedman: "Everybody's just trying to out-lame each other".


    Killer piece on Marty at NPR:

    I've always admired his work on Megadeth's Rust In Piece album, nobody grabs a note quite like he does, but I will admit that with the lack of positive press out there in America about the dude and sleeping through his Melodic Control "How to" video I kinda assumed he was a bit of a goon..... Wrong!

    Remember that video about him announcing his new PRS model where he seems clueless about nerdy gear specifications? Well it isn't 'cause he's some brain dead hesher, instead it's because he seriously has better sh!t to worry about like, being the Ryan Seacrest of Japan for one thing!

    Dude is really on his game and talks about teaching himself Japanese, negotiating record contracts in Japan by himself, snoozing out while playing in Megadeth, and "Happy" music in this article. In fact this one has made me fall back in love with Marty.

    To all the people who are wondering why Marty has a sig. model and the dude from Chevelle got stiffed, I'd say being in over 600 television shows, movies and adverts, and having 3/4 of the Japanese teenage market know who you are is a pretty good place to start.

    Check it out.

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    Interesting. I get being high profile in a huge market that's not here may be advantageous, but I think the point was that Pete from Chevelle has been playing PRS from the start of his career. Truthfully, if PRS hadn't done a baritone for Mushok(which also was bizarre given he had a sig with Ibanez)....well, nevermind. Quite frankly, the sig models are no one's business besides PRS'. Marty's a great player and legendary, so if he wants to jump on the PRS ship, more power to him. I just hope it's not short lived and he goes back to playing Jackson or whatever he used to use like next year or something. I mean, we see threads like- "who do you want to see playing a PRS?" all the time, so....

    I was trying to stay out that whole conversation but

    I listened to a little of Marty's new solo stuff and it rips, really good stuff.

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    I prefer Marty in Megadeth to anything else he's done except for maybe his two solo records Scenes and Introduction, but can appreciate that he's doing what he wants in a serious way.
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