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Thread: Welcome To The New Wall

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleary View Post
    I like the room Corey .

    What I do is put extra hangers on the wall and then it starts to drive me nuts. Instant NGD is the easiest fix to help an empty wall hanger lol
    Thanks Sleary.
    He he, great idea, I can order up some more of them from Amazon, then I would have to get a USA Tremonti
    I do have a little more room on another wall by the couch.

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    USA Tremonti is a must have bro!
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    Nice digs guys. I just have cases in an extra room. Not very impressive stuff here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LSchefman View Post
    Though it's a matter of personal preference, there are good reasons to keep them cased:

    Dust kills potentiometers. Most homes also have lots of cooking debris and oils circulating in the air at mealtime, and that stuff is worse than dust because it attracts more dust into the pots.

    A typical room changes in temperature and humidity several times during the day, and the case buffers those changes, making them easier on the guitar because the guitar "feels" them less rapidly, and it's rapid changes in temp/humidity that cause guitars to go out of whack.

    As to the music store question: People generally don't cook in music stores, and music stores only have the guitars out to display their inventory, not because it's good for the instruments.

    It's hardly all that difficult to go and open a guitar case and pull the guitar out. I realize that some folks can't stand to do it, but I need the exercise.
    Fair enough. In general most of my guitars have lived their lives outside their cases. Right now most of them hang on my hallway walls just outside my music/Home Theater room. I like to stroll past them and pick one seemingly randomly depending on my mood and the vibe I want to create.

    But I understand keeping them in cases can shield them from environmental swings and contamination. I guess due to the Florida climate, my AC is on most of the year, so the house is fairly consistently 78 deg and 40%-60% humidity...

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    Looks good Corey, really good!
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