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Thread: Congrats to my friend on his endorsement

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    Congrats to my friend on his endorsement

    Not sure if this is the right place for this but a friend of mine in an unsigned independent hard rock band just signed the deal today to become an official PRS endorsed artist. I'm super excited for him as he has also been a long-time PRS player. Can only imagine this is a dream friend for my friend Nate. I hate to spam, but do check them out on FB. They have a great video as well of their single "AGV"sporting a nice black PRS Singlecut
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    Congrats to your friend and that's awesome. I'd love to have a PRS endorsement but I certainly have not earned it. lol

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    Just missed them awhile back, we played a fest and they were on another stage right as we were tearing down. Wanted to check them out. My bass player has been in contact with them for quite awhile though, I'm sure we'll meet again soon. Congrats Nate!

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