Shallow Side

Justin Smith & Seth Trimble

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Shallow Side is a five-piece modern rock back from Alabama. With two studio albums under their belt, they are hitting the road alongside of Framing Hanley, Egypt Central, Trapt, Straight Line Stitch, and My Darkest Days. Shallow Side guitarist Seth Trimble creates his unique blend of atmospheric layering, and punchy riff work that takes the sound of the band right in to the middle of mainstream rock radio territory, without ever sacrificing originality. Second guitarist Justin Smith rounds out Shallow Side’s sound by bringing hard hitting rhythm work and tastefully constructed solos to the band.

Justin Smith plays a PRS S2 Mira in Antique White.

"The new S2 line is the perfect hybrid of Maryland-made quality and affordability. With this release, professionals and kids alike can own a guitar that sacrifices nothing in the way of tone, playability, and prestige, while not crippling the piggy bank. With 22 frets, a wraparound tailpiece, aggressive and dynamic pickups, and a build quality rivaled by none, my Mira is absolutely bulletproof. My S2 Mira is the best playing guitar I own!" – Justin Smith

Seth Trimble plays a PRS S2 Custom 24 in Grey Black.

“I absolutely love my PRS S2 Custom 24. This is definitely my dream guitar. It is perfect for me and my style of playing. Not only does it have tone and playability to die for. It is also lightweight and very well balanced, which is perfect for my high energy stage performances. Plus, this PRS is just plain beautiful. The bird inlays on the rosewood fretboard are an exquisite touch. I love the cut of the body, too. Everything about this guitar screams perfection. I'll definitely be playing my Custom for years to come.” – Seth Trimble

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