PRS Speaker Cables

Paul Reed Smith Guitars and Van Damme Cabling have teamed up to bring a quality cable to PRS’s product offerings. Cables are the lifeline of your tone, and you can trust these tried and trusted cables to carry the signal produced by your guitars and amplifiers without compromise.

PRS/VDC speaker cable uses oxygen free copper for outstanding sonic integrity, and the conductors employ fine stranding for ultimate flexibility. These cables reliably cater to recording studio, rehearsal studio, live and presentation environments.

Ask for PRS Cables at your PRS Dealer or order them from the The PRS Accessory Shop.

Available Configurations

PRS/VDC Ultra Performance Speaker Cables are offered in 3’, 6’, 10’ and 20’ lengths.

The PRS/Van Damme Cable Story

PRS Guitars is proud to partner with Van Damme Cabling, one of the world’s premier cable suppliers. Founded by Niall Holden (now Managing Director), Van Damme offers a comprehensive range of cables widely found on A-list tours and in studios around the world, in broadcast and post production arenas, in commercial and corporate installations and even on super yachts and hi-end sports cars.

No stranger to the music world, one of Holden’s first orders in the eighties was from the Eurythmics. Since then Van Damme has been used extensively in Abbey Road Studios (the famous Beatles Studio 2 currently being refit), and the company has worked with numerous A-list artists, including Sting, Radiohead, Mark Knopfler, Muse, The Foo Fighters and name a few.

“We are delighted to be associated with such a quality and respected brand as PRS Guitars. I believe the strength of the partnership lies in the same basic approach to supplying a no-nonsense, evolving quality product. With our exacting client base Van Damme has to do exactly what it says on the jar - much like PRS, we aim for the same excellence,” said Niall Holden, VDC Managing Director.

PRS and Van Damme have both been in operation since the mid 1980’s and still operate under their respective founders. Moreover, both brands have largely been built on reputations of quality and customer service.

“We are very excited to be working with Niall and the whole Van Damme family. Like PRS, Van Damme is extremely focused on quality, reliability and continual improvement, and because both of our shops have an independent character, the partnership has been effortless every step of the way. We trust their cables to faithfully bring to life the tone that we work so hard to get from our guitars and amplifiers,” commented Jack Higginbotham, PRS President.

Artists on PRS Cables

Davy Knowles

Davy Knowles

Back Door Slam

"People spend a fortune on guitars, amps and effects while paying little attention to how they connect them. PRS cables are the only choice for players who really care about their tone"



O Rappa

"The fact is, it takes years to find the right combination of guitars, amps, effects and cabinets. So why link them with something cheap? PRS cables are noise free, durable and offer pure sound integrity for touring and studio work."

Marcin Zabielowicz

Marcin Zabielowicz


"I am way past my wireless era. I prefer to stay true to the sound, even at the cost of stage freedom. That's why I use cables. PRS cables. They don't  seduce you with a slick look, they don't attract you with oversized diameter (as if it had something to do with the sound…). What they do is transmit your unaltered sound straight to your amp, and this is exactly what I expect from great cables. They don't coil and tangle on stage. Perfect cables for a pro player. A huge "Thank you" and hats off to Paul for delivering another great product."