Tonare Grand Detail Photos

Private Stock Tonare Grande ® soon as I started playing it, I just lost it. All the stuff I was missing was there. It was so present [with a] really beefy low end, and yet I wasn’t losing anything on the high end. With every other guitar to this point, I felt like I was getting one or the other,” - Ray LaMontagne.

The Tonare Grand® offers a prominent voice as well as substantial volume and midrange. Wonderful for all-around strumming, this award-winning acoustic also lends itself well to flatpickers.

Born in the PRS Maryland shop, PRS Acoustics are heirloom-quality instruments with remarkable tone and exquisite playability. A small team of experienced luthiers handcraft all Maryland-made PRS acoustics with passion and attention to detail. PRS acoustics have a distinctive voice that can be enjoyed acoustically, with our customized pickup system, or with the Matrix Infinity pickup and preamp. The PRS Acoustic pickup system is a proprietary, full band width Piezo pick up that is combined with a proprietary 18 volt custom-voiced preamp. The Matrix Infinity pickup and preamp system is an undersaddle pickup with soundhole volume and tone controls, allowing for easily accessible adjustments.