Like A Storm Break New Ground and New Records with Latest Single "Pure Evil"

Posted Mar 03, 2017


New Zealand hard rock/metal act Like A Storm have just released their formidable new single, “Pure Evil”. This first offering from the band’s upcoming new record, Catacombs, is already creating a buzz amongst their fans and musical peers alike. -- “Pure Evil” was initially released to coincide with Like A Storm’s recent UK & European arena tour with Alter Bridge, Volbeat, and Gojira. But word spread about the new track, and it was picked up by radio stations across America - breaking into the US Rock Top 50 without even being released as a single. As a result, “Pure Evil” has just become the fifth American Top 50 single in a row for Like A Storm - the first time in history that a New Zealand artist has achieved such consecutive success in US rock radio. The song itself, described as “seven minutes of pure art” by AltCorner, marks the next evolution of Like A Storm’s sound - blending progressive metal’s heavy riffage, double-kick drumming and soaring solos with haunting textures and an anthemic chorus. Like A Storm’s new musical direction caught the attention of Alter Bridge/Tremonti guitarist Mark Tremonti, who commented, “‘Pure Evil’ is totally killer! This song will be so badass live.” Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy also voiced his enthusiasm for the song's progressive influences, "Sounds awesome! Really cool arrangement!". “We got turned onto a lot of heavier music like Dimmu Borgir & Gojira,” says Kent Brooks, Like A Storm’s bassist. “We’ve always loved writing music that’s layered and epic, and wanted to keep pushing that.” Lyrically the song marks a turning point in Like A Storm’s writing, addressing the dark side of religious and political power. Says guitarist Matt Brooks, “The cover ups, scandals and exploitation that pervade the highest levels of church and government are just sickening. “Pure Evil” seemed like the perfect way to sum up this absolute hypocrisy - these people appear so righteous, but at their core they are the worst of the worst.” Like A Storm will balance the recording of new album, “Catacombs”, with a busy international touring schedule - which includes headlining a stage at the UK’s iconic Download Festival, and touring New Zealand & Australia with Alter Bridge. US dates are to be announced shortly. Check out “Pure Evil” below: