The Story

Paul Reed Smith and Doug Sewell describe how the idea for the PRS Amplifier line came into existence and the early designing of the amps.

Paul Smith and Doug Sewell met at the Dallas Vintage Guitar Show in 2006. Paul’s band was scheduled to play, and he needed an amp. He was introduced to Doug, a well-known Texas amp builder, and after barely saying hello, they were working together to rewire an amp for Paul to use.

Paul and Doug spent the next couple of years shipping amps back and forth, working over cell phones and brief visits to design amplifiers for PRS. Each part in the amp changes the tone, so many components were tested in every possible combination to get the sound they were after. They did not simply choose the most expensive components...There are $30 parts next to $3 parts. This meticulous component selection helps ensure that the amps sound good no matter where the knobs are, an essential quality for both Paul and Doug.

The pair often comments how easily they work together, each building on the other’s thoughts to create amplifiers that are themselves musical instruments. Doug moved to Maryland in 2009, officially accepting the position of PRS Amplifier Designer. And so the pair continues to peer into amplifiers, striving to learn and improve them as much as they can. It’s all about passion, excellence, and building quality amps.