Upcoming PRS Events

True Fire Roadshow

Head on over to https://truefire.com/road-trip for free lessons from these PRS Artists: Corey Congilio, David Grissom, Seth Rosenbloom, Tony McManus, Tim Pierce, and Jeff McErlain.

Enter for your chance to win a PRS SE Silver Sky.

Lesson schedule:

May 9th - David Grissom

May 10th - David Grissom

May 11th - Seth Rosenbloom

May 12th - Tony McManus

May 13th - Tony McManus

May 14th - Tony McManus

May 18th - Tim Pierce

May 20th - David Grissom

May 21st - Jeff McErlain

May 22nd - Jeff McErlain

May 23rd - Tim Pierce

May 24th - Corey Congilio

May 25th - David Grissom

May 26th - Seth Rosenbloom

May 27th - Tony McManus

May 29th - Seth Rosenbloom

May 30th - David Grissom

May 31st - Tony McManus

When & Where

5/9/2022, 12:00 AM - 6/1/2022, 12:00 AM

Sign up today at https://truefire.com/road-trip