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Cleaning and Polishing Tips

To prolong the life of the finish of your new PRS instrument, we highly recommend that after each use the entire instrument, including the strings, be wiped thoroughly with a soft, clean, dry cloth. We recommend PRS Guitar Cleaner and/or PRS Guitar Polish for all PRS guitars with our normal acrylic or V12 finish. However, because the PRS Guitar Polish is NOT safe for Nitro finish, a quality furniture polish can be used to polish your Satin or Nitro finished PRS guitar.

Please note, if your guitar is uses nitro finish, we strongly recommend not hanging or setting the guitar in a guitar stand/hanger outfitted with chemically active synthetic/surgical tubing. Doing this may cause a chemical reaction with the nitrocellulose finish on the neck (ex: CE, Swamp Ash) or the body (ex: Modern Eagle, DGT, Sunburst Series), which could cause the finish to dissolve.

Nitro is also prone to chemically react to exposure to leather straps and other synthetic materials. Do not store your nitro-finished guitar with your leather strap attached as this could cause the finish to dissolve. This damage will not be covered under the PRS Limited Lifetime Warranty.