Maintaining Hardware

It is recommended that you wipe down the entire guitar with a clean, soft cloth after every use. This includes the hardware. We use a nickel/silver combination to plate much of our hardware. While this plating does not wear as well as chrome plating, the tonal qualities of nickel/silver are far superior. We have found that Blue Magic Liquid Metal Polish works very well in removing tarnish from our nickel hardware. Other metal polishes also work well. To clean and polish gold hardware, we recommend using furniture polish on a clean cloth (not a typo).

The Silver Sky saddles are plated using Electroless plating. Electroless plating is a vintage style of plating that is very thin. Electroless plating is more prone to rusting than modern plating, so we recommend wiping down the saddles after every use. Also, a thin coating of machine oil or carnauba wax will add a protective layer to the saddle to help prevent rusting