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  • PRS Locking Tuners (Phase II, III, S2)

PRS Locking Tuners (Phase II, III, S2)

  1. Line up the hole in the tuning peg so that it is pointing at the nut slot.
  2. Pull string through hole and over two fingers (or 1.5”) at the nut. (Actual slack is approximately 5/8” to 3/4")
  3. Turn the cap screw so that it is finger tight.
  4. You may use a coin to further tighten the cap screw if needed, but no more than 1/8th turn. Do not over tighten.
  5. Bend the string backwards towards the outside of the headstock to help lock in place.
  6. Bring up to pitch making sure the new wrap is under the previous string.
  7. Clip excess string.