PRS Adjustable Stoptail

For ease of intonation of non-standard or extra heavy string gauges, a special order version of the PRS Stoptail with individually adjustable saddles is available. The adjustable PRS Stoptail is available in nickel or gold plate. The Hollowbody and Archtop with the piezo option feature a special version of the adjustable PRS Stoptail fitted with piezo inserts. This bridge can be adjusted in the same fashion as our adjustable Stoptail.

PRS Bridges are available to purchase through your Authorized PRS Dealer, or in our West Street East Accessory Shop.

Tuning and Setup Hints

Action height is adjustable by raising or lowering the studs the bridge sits on. To adjust the mounting bolts, first detune the instrument to relieve the tension on the bridge. Then using a quarter, make the necessary adjustments and retune. The intonation may be adjusted by moving the phillips head screws on the inside edge of the bridge (facing the treble pickup) in and out with a phillips head screwdriver. Match the octave (fretted) note of all six strings with their corresponding 12th fret open harmonics by shortening or lengthening the strings with the adjusting screws. Additional minor adjustments to the intonation may also be made by moving the set screws facing the tail end of the guitar in and out with the allen wrench provided.

When setting the action at the 12th fret the string height should be 2/32" on the treble side to 5/64" on the bass side.

Remember to tune and retune until the process is complete. If you are unfamiliar with making these adjustments, we recommend that the guitar be taken to a qualified repair center.

PRS Adjustable Stoptail