DG Custom 30

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Tone Shaping Articulation

"The DG Custom 30 is the culmination of a three year collaboration between myself and Doug Sewell. After extensive designing, redesigning, and repeated comparisons to the amps I have cherry picked over the years, we have come up with an amp that would rival the best of my vintage amps. Equally well-suited to both live situations and studio work, this amp is far from a knockoff. I am blown away. I'm hopeful that other players will find it as inspiring and musical as I do." – David Grissom

Developed and refined over many years, the PRS David Grissom signature DG Custom 30 amp brings Grissom’s discriminating tone to players looking for a highly-responsive, musical amp rig. The PRS “DG Custom 30” comes in blonde vinyl with a cherry stained mahogany fascia and un-tinted salt and pepper grill cloth. It features four EL84/7581 power tubes and several tone-sculpting features, including bright switch, reverb, boost/normal gain switch, presence control, and top cut control.


Wattage 30
Power Tubes (4) EL84/7189
Preamp Tubes (3) 12AX7, (1) 12AT7
Front Panel Controls
Front Panel Controls

Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Presence, Top Cut, Master Volume

Bright Switch, Gain Boost Switch

Back Panel Features
Extension Speaker Jacks 5, Parallel
Ohm Switching (2) 4 ohm, (2) 8 ohm, and (1) 16 ohm
Cabinet Material / Construction Pine, Fingerjoint
Covering Blonde Tolex
Grill Cloth Untinted Salt and Pepper
Panel Mahogany, Vintage Cherry
Amp Width 24" (60.96 cm)
Amp Depth 10" (25.4 cm)
Amp Height 11.5" (29.21 cm)
Amp Weight 38 lbs. (17.24 kg)
Available Configurations Head
Channels Single
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