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PRS acoustics are built on the theory that an acoustic guitar should act like a speaker cabinet: the back and sides strongly braced to lock them down and a thin top braced with a hybrid X/Classical bracing pattern to encourage the top the vibrate more freely. This theory was developed after studying an extraordinary-sounding Torres nylon-string acoustic that was similarly braced. Many acoustic guitars are thought of as double-diaphragm instruments, allowing the back to be one of the vibrating surfaces. This allows for some of the guitar's energy, tone, and volume to be lost through the back of the instrument and dulled by the player's body. If you want a strong, loud acoustic, all the energy and sound should project through the top. This build philosophy allows PRS acoustics to project boldly and gives them their signature sound.



PRS acoustics are strongly braced on the back and sides. We think of this part of the guitar like a speaker cabinet - it is locked down to help push the sound through the front of the guitar.


PRS Hybrid X/Classical bracing is designed to promote the top's vibration, which helps the instrument project much like the cone of a speaker. The X-brace is designed to keep steel-string acoustic tops from lifting (by crossing behind the bridge, the X-brace counterbalances the pull of the strings). This style of fan bracing is typically found on classical, nylon-string acoustics. By fanning across the belly of the guitar, this bracing helps the top to vibrate.


Angelus Cutaway

PRS Angelus Cutaway models are named after the Latin word for “angel” and have responsive highs, crisply-defined lows, and sweet midrange. The cutaway body shape provides increased access to the higher frets. Though well suited for fingerstyle players, these models are versatile enough for myriad musical styles.

Tonare Grand

Tonare models are named after the Latin word for “thunder” and offer substantial volume and midrange and beefy low end with balanced highs. Wonderful for strumming, these guitars also lend themselves to flatpickers as well as nuanced players.

Tonare Parlor

Tonare Parlor acoustics, also named for the word “thunder,” are a smaller overall size, but maintain the bold projection of PRS acoustics with a more focused tone. These guitars also feature a shorter scale length and are very comfortable to play for hours on end.


While many other factors affect the ultimate tone of the guitar, the woods used to build an acoustic guitar are the foundation of the instrument and its tone. Different woods have different densities and different stiffnesses, for example, which translate to different resonant frequencies and degrees of sustain. Here are a few examples of woods used on PRS acoustic back and sides and some general attributes for each.


  • Midrange forward tone
  • Warm and “woody”
  • Mahogany-spec'd acoustics are great for solo players, considering their direct tonal character


  • Wide tonal spectrum
  • Lush and full
  • Ovangkol is similar to rosewood in tone and complements many playing styles


  • Full bottom end and rolled-off highs
  • Rich and broad
  • Ziricote-spec'd acoustics offer hi-fi tone reminiscent of some vintage acoustics


  • Depth and transparency of tone
  • Bright and clean
  • PRS maple-spec'd acoustics have more warmth than many other maple acoustics on the market


Bone Nut/Saddle

All PRS acoustics feature bone nuts and saddles. One of the tenents of guitar making at PRS is: “anything that touches the string is God.” The nut and saddle on an acoustic are the two main points where the energy (vibration) of the string is transferred through the guitar. Bone is a hard material (that can still be shaped to fit) and helps the guitar to sustain longer with more tonal character.

PRS Double-Action Truss Rod

The PRS double-action truss rod provides neck adjustments in both directions, allowing our necks to be fully adjustable. The double acting rod achieves twice the amount of adjustment as a single acting rod with the same amount of movement of the adjusting nut.

PRS-Voiced Fishman Sonitone Pickup*

EQ'd in Paul Reed Smith's home studio and implemented by Larry Fishman and his engineering team, the PRS-Voiced Fishman Sonitone Pickup provides players with a warm, organic tone that allows the natural sound of the instrument to come through.

Ebony Fretboard and Bridge*

*All PRS SE Series acoustics come with an ebony fretboard and bridge and PRS-Voiced Fishman Sonitone pickup. Private Stock acoustics may use other materials.