PRS Tech Center

The Only Authorized PRS Service and Repair Center

Meet The PTC

The PRS Tech Center is dedicated to the responsible repair and authentic techniques that are true to a PRS guitar’s original construction. All PTC team members come from the shop floor at PRS – no outside contractors are used. Their personal approach and in-depth knowledge of PRS traditions are directly reflected in the meticulous quality of their work. That’s why the PTC is the only authorized PRS service and repair center.

Don’t trust your PRS to just anyone. Rest easy knowing your beloved PRS is being taken care of at the one and only authorized PRS service and repair center.

Example Services and Prices

Below is a menu of services available from the PTC. For more information, please use the “Start Your Order” prompt on this page to contact Customer Service.

Description Prices (plus shipping)
Setup w/Nut $200
Level/Crown w/Setup $275
Refret w/Setup $650
Toggle and P/P Tone Pot $225
Install PRS Pickups $150 Plus Cost of Pickups
Signature-style Switching (No Divots) $225
Block Trem & Set Up $255
Replace Piezo Board $500
Replace Nickel Piezo Bridge $500 Plus Setup
Tuner Rebuild (Wing Collar to Phase II) $400

How To Order

We are happy to work with you on the repair, restoration, or reconfiguration of your PRS guitar. To get started, please submit your request here. We will review your request and return an email to you with an estimated price quote and timeframe for the work to be completed.

Visit the Customer Support Center for more resources.