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Meet The PTC

The Paul Reed Smith Tech Center (PTC) is dedicated to the responsible repair and authentic techniques that are true to a PRS guitar’s original construction. The members of the PTC team have more than 50 years of combined PRS experience (no outside contractors are used). Their personal approach and in-depth knowledge of PRS traditions are directly reflected in the meticulous quality of their work.

Don’t trust your PRS to just anyone. Rest easy knowing your beloved PRS is being taken care of at the one and only authorized PRS service and repair center.

How To Order

We are happy to work with you on the repair, restoration, or reconfiguration of your PRS guitar. To get started, please submit your request here. We will review your request and return an email to you with an estimated price quote and timeframe for the work to be completed.

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You can also reach us directly at 410-643-9970 or by email at [email protected].

PTC Stories

From seemingly tragic tales of snapped-off headstocks to extreme tonal and aesthetic makeovers, the PTC has seen it all. While every PTC story cannot be captured, here are some examples of past projects that have come through.

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