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John McLaughlin

Meet John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin, a name synonymous with both technical virtuosity and visionary innovation. Over the course of a career spanning six decades, he has blurred the lines between rock and jazz, while systemically dismantling the barriers between eastern and western music. An English-born guitarist, bandleader, and composer, McLaughlin is most well-known for his work with his pioneering fusion group The Mahavishnu Orchestra throughout the 1970s and 80s. Over the years John has collaborated with an almost incomprehensible list of legendary artists including Miles Davis, Jimmy Page and Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker of Cream just to name a few. Pat Metheny once referred to McLaughlin as the world's greatest guitarist and Jeff Beck himself considered him to be "the best guitarist alive". John’s impact and improvisational genius cannot be overstated.


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