PRS Guitars Are A Part Of The Marching Ravens!

Posted Sep 28, 2015


The Marching Ravens, led by the legendary John Ziemann, is not your traditional marching band! In addition to a marching band, the group incorporates a rock ensemble featuring Tobias Hurwitz (lead guitar), Mark Neuman (guitar), Rich Snyder (bass) and Andrew John Davis (drums). It certainly isn't your typical gig, the band wears football jerseys and jeans instead of uniforms and due to the complicated format of having a band at a live football game, it takes three conductors to make everything run smoothly. The band has special talent reading and writing music as well as note-for-note copying and improv skills. They play everything from Latin Jazz to TV themes, military music, rock, pop and metal in front of 75,000 ravenous football fans at M&T Bank stadium in Baltimore, MD – home of the NFL Baltimore Ravens. Learn more about The Marching Ravens, here! /