Aaron Marshall of Intervals Visits the PRS Studio!

Posted Apr 25, 2016


Recently, PRS artist Aaron Marshall (Intervals) visited our Maryland headquarters to film a series of videos! Check them out below! -- Aaron's latest musical release, The Shape of Colour is a beautiful blend of progressive metal, rock, jazz, and a ton of fun to listen to. On his recent tour in support of the album, Aaron has found himself gravitating towards the PRS 408 as a swiss-army knife of tones, accomplishing a variety of humbucker and single-coil sounds. Below, check out how he puts the PRS 408 to work for him and his music.
Aaron uses a work smarter, not harder philosophy when approaching picking technique. Check out his unique picking approach to the main riff of his song "Fable" below.
Before you play, it's always smart to warm up and stay sharp. Below Aaron shares his detailed warm-up techique before he goes full throttle on stage or in the studio.
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