Don Broco Releases Live Performance of "Nerve"

Posted Feb 19, 2016


PRS artist Si Delaney and fellow bandmates in the UK-based band Don Broco, recently released a live performance of their hit song "Nerve" filmed at Brixton Academy! -- Si Delaney is a huge fan of the S2 Custom 24 and S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow and is frequently using them live and in the studio. In a recent interview, Si had this to say about using his PRS guitars live, "You need a guitar you can trust. For me, it’s my PRS S2 Semi-Hollow. Having a workhorse that not only sounds great, but can withstand the abuse of a live show is a must. One-hundred-percent faith in an instrument is rare, and everyone is different, but when you discover that instrument, you’re onto a great thing. Find it and keep it. It will make your touring life immeasurably more rewarding." Click here to watch the live performance! Hear Simon’s thoughts on his S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow in the video below!