PRS Employee Spotlight - Jay Monterose // PTC Amp Tech

Posted Jun 07, 2023

#WeMakePRS / Employee Spotlight

PRS Employee Spotlight - Jay Monterose // PTC Amp Tech


In this PRS Employee Spotlight, meet Jay Monterose, an amp tech with our PTC (PRS Tech Center). The PTC is the only authorized PRS tech center where we repair and update PRS products for our customers worldwide!

We asked Jay to walk us through a day in his life at PRS and share some other interesting fun facts about himself, as well as his history with Paul Reed Smith and our company. Enjoy the Q&A with Jay below!


How long have you been at PRS, could you tell us the story of how you landed here?

Jay: As an employee, it has been a very short time as I just started servicing amps with the PTC in January 2023. As far as the story of how I landed here, it would be like writing a book as my relationship with Paul began at his first workspace in the dormer above the Ram’s Head Tavern, 33 West St. Annapolis Md. That was around 1980. I have known Paul for over 40 years and enjoyed working on many projects with him over that time.

It's great to see the old friends that are still with PRS since the first factory days. It's pretty amazing to have ended up here after all that time in a prominent position in the PTC amp department. It's a joy to be working with some of the industry’s top professionals in this ever growing and challenging field of modern guitar amplifier design and manufacturing. There is something new and interesting every day while we work to bring Paul’s creative thoughts to fruition in the physical world before our eyes. Truly amazing!

What does a typical day look like for you at PRS?

Jay: Well, the amplifier side of PTC is a bit different than our main amp department -- which focuses more on the manufacturing and production side of things. I do a lot of service repairs for our customers, but PTC is also a lab that covers unique areas like new products -- our team of engineers work with prototyping and developing new designs. We also work closely with our artists and endorsers to meet their wide range of specific needs to create their dream gear.

What's the most important tool in your line of work?

Jay: As far as tools are concerned, we use everything from general hand tools to very specialized electronic test equipment, like signal generators and oscilloscopes, but the most used tools are our hand-held test multimeters, and of course soldering equipment!

What are a few of your hobbies outside of work?

Jay: Some of my interests outside of work include building and playing custom instruments, and Heli-Arc welding. I have been a metalsmith for 47 years and I continue to apply those skills to everything from manufacturing custom stainless steel guitar hardware to vintage hot rod cars. I also have a passion for thoroughbred sport horses!

Can you share your favorite PRS memory or moment?

Jay: There are just too many to list after all these years being involved with PRS Guitars, but one recent memory involved bringing in Danny Gatton’s 54’ ES-295 guitar used by famed guitarist Scotty Moore on Elvis Presley's “Sun Sessions" for Paul and the staff to enjoy playing and having a great photo op session!

What do you love most about working at PRS?

Jay: The working environment at PRS Guitars is like nothing I have ever experienced in a workplace. The folks here are the most passionate and dedicated people found in our industry. Not to mention the most witty, funny and entertaining gang on the planet!

If you could only take three things to a desert island with you, what would they be and why?

Jay: Geez, another loaded question. I imagine a solar powered generator to power a PRS amp, and an amazing custom built PRS Private stock guitar!