Introducing Our Class of 2023 PRS Pulse Artists!

Posted Sep 15, 2022


Introducing Our Class of 2023 PRS Pulse Artists!

Introducing the Class of 2023

Three short years ago, PRS unveiled the Pulse Artist program, a new initiative all about discovering and supporting emerging PRS players making waves in their local music scenes. We launched Pulse with an initial group of eighty-four artists who represented a diverse range of playing styles from around the globe. Pulse has since expanded to include twenty nations, with the addition of guitarists from Japan, Dubai, South Africa, and New Zealand. We are excited to see what the future holds for our Pulse Artists as the program continues to evolve. It is with great pleasure that today, we welcome the following new inductees into the Pulse Artist Program for 2023:

  • Stefan Hauk
  • Niki Mukhi
  • Adam James
  • Roy Oliver
  • Lee Ludolph
  • Pannasit Sukahotu
  • José Pablo García
  • Charles Simon
  • Ali Yasin Eser
  • Anthony Arya
  • Rob Riser
  • Siddharth Kota
  • Bailey Ehrgott
  • Luiz Rodrigues
  • Arianna Reddi
  • Bridget Gindhart
  • Rangga Ringrose
  • Kaho Tsuji
  • Wata Harikemu
  • Danni Stefanetti

We send our warmest congratulations out to both these new inductees and the many existing Pulse Artists who are continuing their journey with us on into 2023 and beyond.

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