John Wesley Launches The Journeyman Guitarist

Posted Apr 10, 2024


John Wesley Launches The Journeyman Guitarist

John Wesley, guitarist, songwriter and longtime PRS endorsee has recently launched a new series on his YouTube channel. The Journeyman Guitarist is a dedicated space where John offers up the insights and lessons accumulated throughout his career as a professional musician. John draws on his decades of experience touring with acts like Porcupine Tree & Vertical Horizon, and his years recoding as a studio owner, engineer and solo artist to imbue his viewers with invaluable industry knowledge. Check out a few of his videos below and be sure to visit and subscribe to his channel!

“As I've continued to write, record and perform, “YouTube University" has helped me learn along the way. Time for me to add to that pool of experience by sharing what I know. There are many paths to a career in music. I hope my insight provides something you can use in your own music career.” – John Wesley


PRS: Was there a particular catalyst that motivated you to launch The Journeyman Guitarist series?

John: Initially, it was my use of YouTube as a source of information for all things music related. The realization that I had 40 years of touring, recording and writing experience that could be shared with the community and benefit artists in the same way that I have benefitted from the ideas shared by other creators. After I published my first few episodes, I recognized a third factor that is even more crucial, connection. Connection to so many people that I have performed for around the world and so many that share my drive and desire to perform and experience music. This has by far been the most rewarding part of the journey.

PRS: Can you recall the first time encountered a PRS guitar out in the wild? What initially attracted you to our brand?

John: The first time I ever held a PRS was in 1989. I was struggling to find a consistent guitar to gig with. I was in a touring act and were playing 5 to 7 nights a week 50 weeks a year. My friend Russell Farrow was a guitar guru at Thoroughbred Music and he brought out a stunning Flame Grey CE. I was so blown away that I bought it on the spot and toured the heck out of that guitar. I still have it and still play it.

PRS: What do you love the most about your PRS guitars in general?

John: Soul. When you tour the factory and speak with Paul and the team, you realize how many hands have been on that guitar, and how much of their care and “souls” have gone into each guitar. The end result is that when you connect with a PRS, it’s yours and you are part of a larger tribe, and you know that guitar will never let you down, and neither will that PRS tribe.