Kids Who Rock

Posted Oct 11, 2017


One of the coolest things about music is that it transcends generations - people of any age have the opportunity to enjoy and create music. The kids we're highlighting today just so happen to be really good at it and at a really young age. Below we give a shout-out to kids who rock - and rock PRS guitars at that.


PRS artist and musician Prasanna is a pioneer of Carnatic music played on guitar. Carnatic music is most often heard in India and not traditionally played using a 6-string guitar. Prasanna has been a passionate educator of this musical style -- teaching children all over the world its technique and art form. Recently Prasanna visited the PRS factory with a few of his talented students and played for us.

Check out (left to right) Avyay, Srivatsa, and Praveen below! These students are between 12-14 years-old!


Julia, a guitarist and student at Los Rios Rock School, has some serious chops. She recently recorded a face melting cover of Van Halen's Eruption solo.

Recording engineer Warren Huart writes, "40 years ago this month Van Halen went into Sunset Sound Studio One and recorded their first album. Van Halen 1 blew the doors off the Rock world! 'Eruption' the second track featured an insane guitar solo piece that has continued to inspire millions of guitar players all over the world! Everyday someone hears that for the first time and their mind is blown! I know mine was! The Produce Like a Pro team had the great pleasure of taking students from the Los Rios Rock School to Sunset Sound for a recording project. But not just any recording project, no, we set up in Studio 1 and in ONE DAY had the students record the album Van Halen I from cover to cover! We used the same equipment to record with the students that Van Halen used 40 years ago!"

Watch 13 year-old Julia shred Eruption below!