Setting The Pulse: A Pulse Artist Spotlight on Heavy & Melodic Bands

Posted Jun 06, 2024


Setting The Pulse: A Pulse Artist Spotlight on Heavy & Melodic Bands

Our ongoing series “Setting the Pulse” returns with a quick dive into five more rising bands featuring PRS Pulse Artists. This time we are highlighting five heavy, yet melodic bands from all across the United States. We proudly present Steve Dombroski and VISITOR from the Detroit area, Mosahefu and Embrium from San Francisco, Abe Montalvo and MONOLITHS from Chattanooga, TN. Not too far away in Fayetteville NC, we have Will Driver and ECHOSTONE and last but not least, Tanya Venom & Stormstress from the greater Boston area.

Steven Dombroski – VISITOR


The alt-rock foursome that is VISITOR combines challenging layers of rock melodies, the grit of metal, and heartfelt, harmonic lyrics. It’s a distinct blend that results in accessible songs that simultaneously inspire and thrill, continuing the musical legacies established by influential bands like Tool, 311, Incubus, and many more. Visitor’s music embraces themes of soul searching, forging paths, doubt and loneliness, but they’re underpinned by hope and optimism. When you feel like a stranger in a strange land, Visitor’s music reminds you that you aren’t alone.

Steve: "It was always a dream of mine to play PRS Guitars when I was a kid. I was always inspired by Tim Mahoney of 311, and to see my name on the artist roster along with his is mind boggling. My relationship with PRS even afforded me the ability to have a conversation with him at a festival we were both playing at a couple of years back. What a gracious your heroes' kids! While PRS makes the best guitars on the planet, I tend to stick around because of the people as well. I've built some great relationships with the folks in Stevensville over the years, and I'm proud to be on their roster."



Visitor | Spotify


Mosahefu - Embrium


^ Photo: Katie-Lewellyn

Embrium, the blackgaze band from San Francisco, CA, was formed in 2019 by PRS Pulse Artist Mosahefu, drawing inspiration from bands like Alcest, Swallow The Sun, Agalloch, and Les Discrets. Joined by Jade Forsythe, Joey Menicucci and Matt Baird, they infuse depth and ethereal melodies into their sound. In June 2021, Embrium unveiled their debut self-titled EP, taking listeners on an emotive journey through melancholy and euphoria. They were notably featured in Metal Injection and on Apple Music's influential playlists, "Breaking Metal" and "Fresh Blood.” They are currently working on their first full-length album to be released in 2024.

Monique: “I fell in love with PRS when I was 14 years old, and they are my number one choice for guitars. Being a part of the PRS Pulse Artist program has been amazing - not only do they make some of the finest crafted instruments in the world, but their world-class team makes it a no-brainer to always recommend their products to any guitar player of any skill level.”



Embrium | Spotify


Abe Montalvo – MONOLITHS

PRS Pulse Artist Abraham Montalvo created the hard rock melodic metal heavy hitter MONOLITHS. This project manages to infuse the solid rhythmic elements of metal with the iconic vocal style of early 50s big band stars in a rock medley that sets your ears ablaze.

Abe: “I’ve been very blessed to be a part of this awesome family of talented PRS artists. Being able to showcase my music as a Pulse Artist and utilizing these tools through this platform really does help inspire others to go and achieve their goals and know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to - especially in the music world!”




Will Driver – ECHOSTONE


Echostone is a rock band from the Carolinas bringing back that nostalgic early 2000's radio rock sound, but with a modern edge! The band formed in 2021 and has been fortunate enough to share the stage with many national artists such as Scott Stapp of Creed (Higher Power Tour 2024), Trapt, From Ashes to New, Gavin DeGraw, Filter, Tantric, Tyler Hilton, Bethany Joy Lenz, and more! Echostone looks to share the stage with all the bands that inspired and continues to influence them as songwriters and performers. All of Echostone's singles have debuted with a full music video and the band is always working hard to grow the "Echo Army" fanbase on social media.

Will: “It has been absolutely incredible to be a part of the PRS Pulse family. I look forward to continuing to chase my dreams with PRS in my corner. You can’t ask for better guitars or better people to work with.”



Echostone | Spotify


Tanya Venom - Stormstress


Stormstress is an American heavy metal power trio that strikes with electrifying riffs, thunderous grooves, and haunting melodies. The trio is fronted by mirror twins, guitarist Tanya Venom, and bassist Tye Mayhem, who deliver dual lead vocals over the aggressive accompaniment of powerhouse drummer and backing vocalist Maddie May Scott, creating a signature sound shaped by the drama of melodic metal and the fires of high-octane hard rock laced with cathartic storytelling.

Tanya: “There is a great source of joy and empowerment that comes with being a PRS Pulse Artist and knowing that my all-time favorite guitar company has my back. From the official reps to my fellow Pulse Artists, the whole PRS Guitars team has created such a supportive community of players with this program that it feels like a family! I am so grateful for the visibility and opportunities that the Pulse Artist program has provided me with, and I am truly honored to represent and be represented by the smoothest, most versatile, and badass guitars of all time!”



Stormstress | Spotify



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