SE Swamp Ash Special

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Fresh Face and Versatile Voice

The PRS SE Swamp Ash Special is a unique offering in the growing PRS SE Series. With a swamp ash body and 22-fret maple neck with maple fretboard, the SE Swamp Ash Special is a fresh face and versatile voice.

The 85/15 “S” pickups flank a PRS-Designed AS-01 Single Coil “S” pickup in the middle position. The AS-01 Single Coil features both alnico and steel (hence the name), which adds mass to the pickups helping to create a powerful sound. Paired with a push-pull tone control and 3-way pickup switch, this pickup/electronics package gives players an array of sounds to enjoy, and the addition of PRS’s patented tremolo adds a touch more versatility. The overall tone of the PRS SE Swamp Ash Special offers tight lowend, bright but mellow high-end, and a welcome twangy tone that can reach “hot country,” blues, and even jazz territory.

Featured Specifications


Body Construction Solidbody
Body Wood Swamp Ash
Top Carve Shallow Violin
Number of Frets 22
Scale Length 25"
Neck Wood Maple
Neck Construction Scarfed
Truss Rod PRS Double-Acting
Neck Shape Wide Thin
Neck Depth at the 1/2 Fret 13/16"
Neck Depth at the 12 1/2 Fret 57/64"
Neck Width at the Nut 1 11/16"
Neck Width at the Body 2 1/4"
Fretboard Wood Maple
Fretboard Radius 10"
Fretboard Inlay Birds
Headstock Logo Signature "SE"
Neck/Body Assembly
Neck/Body Assembly Type Bolt-On
Bridge PRS Patented Tremolo
Tuners PRS Designed Tuners
Hardware Type Nickel
Truss Rod Cover "Special"
Treble Pickup 85/15 “S”
Middle Pickup PRS-Designed AS-01 Single Coil
Bass Pickup 85/15 “S”
Controls Volume and Push/Pull Tone Control w/ 3-Way Toggle Pickup Switch
Additional Info
Strings PRS Classic 9-42
Tuning Standard (6 String): E, A, D, G, B, E
Case Gig Bag


Infographic showing switching positions for SE Swamp Ash Special

SE Swamp Ash Special - Controls Description

85/15 “S” & AS-01 Pickups

Master volume and push/pull tone, 3-way toggle pickup switch

Position 1 (down) - treble / humbucker

Position 1 (up) - treble / humbucker and middle / single coil

Position 2 (down) - treble / humbucker and bass / humbucker

Position 2 (up) - treble / humbucker, middle / single coil and bass / single coil

Position 3 (down) - bass / humbucker

Position 3 (up) - bass / single coil and middle / single coil




Iri Blue

Iri Blue

Vintage Sunburst

Vintage Sunburst

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"I’m so impressed by the variety and range of tones you can get out of this guitar. The humbucker sound is so rich and warm and when you split to single coil the volume stays balanced without losing presence. I love the custom finish which gives a lot of style and finesse to this model, the neck is resonant, and its shape makes it very easy and comfortable to play.”

- Giacomo Turra

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